Dominique Hurst

Psychology Assistant

Dominique Hurst, Psychology AssistantDominique started working as a part-time psychology assistant at the clinic as of July 2012. Dominique provides a range of supportive services such as scoring questionnaires, creating documents for therapy group sessions, co-facilitating girls social skills group, playing with patients while the clinicians are meeting with parents, and helping around with any other requests. Having graduated from École du Carrefour (Dartmouth) in June 2012, she is currently studying full-time at NSCAD University and is working towards earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Dominique enjoys volunteering and teaching children of all ages the basics of skating and figure skating. Her creative and warm personality and strong communication skills are an asset to our clinic.  Dominique is the creator of the logo for our office and responsible for some of the Artwork shown in our website.