Child Mind Institute Resource

Good morning to everyone!!! I am hoping that you were able to have a restful sleep and are enjoying the sunshine this morning. For a few years, I have followed the Child Mind Institute. It is an amazing resource on many issues. Right now, it is providing great details/ tips for parents and children on […]

Concurrent and Subsequent Associations Between Daily Digital Technology Use and High-Risk Adolescents’ Mental Health Symptoms

Adolescents are spending an unprecedented amount of time using digital technologies (especially mobile technologies), and there are concerns that adolescents’ constant connectivity is associated with poor mental health, particularly among at-risk adolescents. Participants included 151 adolescents at risk for mental health problems (Mage = 13.1) who completed a baseline assessment, 30-day ecological momentary assessment, and […]

CBC Radio One Information Morning NS Interview with Dr. Pure

“13 Reasons Why” has started a conversation about our youth that is very difficult. However, the conversation is prudent. – Dr. Pure “Child psychologist Kiran Pure says scores of her teen clients have watched the show and tell her it has relevance for them.” Listen to Dr. Pure’s interview with Jerry West here Read the article […]

“The Power of Your Voice” Presentation

On April 24th, 2017 Dr. Pure, Laura Dakin-Clark, and Kathleen Smith had the privilege to present to a girl guides group at Saint Paul’s United Church in Sambro. We presented “The Power of Your Voice.” The goal of the presentation was to start a conversation on building confidence, self-esteem, and being assertive. Teaching girls to use […]

New brochures related to paediatric psychology

This past summer, Dr. Pure spent a lot of time working on a project. With the help of Zoe Duranceau, psychology assistant at the clinic, Dr. Pure prepared a number of brochures related to paediatric psychology. So far, we have created three brochures on the topics of child/teen/youth anxiety, depression, nonsuicidal self-harm (NSSH). The titles […]

Happy Pride Week Halifax

This is the first year our clinic had flown the Pride flag for Halifax Pride week and as you can see, we also painted a Pride flag on the crosswalk just outside our door. It has been a great experience and learning opportunity for all of us. I am so proud of the responses of […]

Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day, Rowan drew this picture of a Poppy in my clinic, and Kristen brought in this poem she wrote to show me. Thank you for letting me share this with everyone as we all take a moment of silence tomorrow on Remembrance Day. Freedom –written by Kristen, November 2015. Freedom, Freedom, we have […]


As our children head into another academic year this week, there are a lot of things to think about.  Much of the academic year can bring about wonderful learning and social experiences.  Teachers can provide a big source of support and mentoring to children and teens.  And many friendships can blossom.  Just as there are […]

Pure Parenting Tips

Positive parenting. Be present in your child’s life and give them the gift of your time. Praise and encourage him/her immediately, enthusiastically, and often. Unconditional Respect.  Under all circumstances, your actions should reflect unconditional love and regard for your child. Responsibility. Set clear developmentally appropriate expectations for behaviour to teach your children responsibility for themselves, […]