Policies & Procedures


We kindly ask that you please review content of this form in detail and ask your psychologist or staff for clarification.


All psychologists providing psychological services to patients operate on strict professional and ethical guidelines pertaining to confidentiality. Psychologists have a regulatory body called the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP), which ensures all individuals licensed as psychologists follow ethical and professional guidelines.

With respect to confidentiality, all patient information at this clinic remains on-site in locked cabinets. Psychologists are not permitted to take files home or outside the clinic unless they are attending a meeting.  Also, information is not released unless the patient or his/her legal guardian signs an authorization form (Consent to Release Information Form) for the release of information.

Psychologists are obligated to keep all information confidential.  The principle of confidentiality is void if a psychologist feels that his or her patient is at risk to themselves (for example, suicide is indicated) or others (for example, there is a clear threat of harm to another person), or if a child/adolescent is in need of protection, if abuse is reported, or if subpoenaed by a Court of Law.  In these circumstances, a psychologist is ethically obligated to share relevant information.

Our clinic managers and staff adhere to the same principles of confidentiality and are not permitted to discuss cases or content of patient issues with individuals outside this clinic unless directed to do so by the psychologist and with parental/guardian consent.  Psychologists do not discuss session content with administrative staff at the clinic.




All services at this clinic are called Psychological Services.  These include (1) pre-intake assessments which are completed prior to your first appointment  (this includes a 1/2 hour forms fee, and in the case of psychological assessments time the psychologist takes to review collateral information, score questionnaires completed by caregivers/child and/or school team, and review information gleaned from collateral documents and developmental history forms); (2) intake assessment (first clinic appointment); (3) other direct clinical services including therapy sessions, assessment sessions, telephone calls, school meetings and (pre)school observations; and (4) indirect clinical services including letter and report writing, and/or other consultations.

Appointments are scheduled based upon reason for referral and in consultation with Dr. Pure who triages all cases. Dr. Pure assigns your case to herself or to another psychologist in the clinic.  We try to ensure that your child and family is seen by the psychologist who is the best expert to address your clinical needs.



Initial therapy appointments are 1.0 – 1.5 hours in duration, with follow up therapy appointments being 50 minutes in duration.   Appointment times may vary dependent on clinical need and necessity for longer meeting times. These changes can be discussed between yourself and the psychologist with whom you are working.



For developmental, neuropsychological, academic, mental health, and/or behavioral assessments, appointments are scheduled based on child/adolescent’s age, primary reason for referral which indicates type of assessment required, and discussion of follow up services.  Assessments involve clinical interview in addition to the pre-intake assessment review, 1:1 work with patient (child/adolescent), scoring and test interpretation, feedback, and letter/report writing.   All components of the assessment are billed at an hourly rate.


Cancellation Policy

Our clinic requires one-week notice for cancellation of assessments.  For all other appointments, our clinic requires 48 hours notice.  You are provided with a reminder call one week prior to your appointment date and time.  We ask that you confirm your appointment with 48 hours of receiving the reminder email; otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled.

For missed appointments, you will be forwarded a bill for the cost of the missed appointment.  You are responsible for payment of fee for the missed appointment.


Payment for Services

Please note that our clinic requires payment for services rendered at the end of each session.  The hourly rate is increasing to $190.00 on July 1st, 2019 to reflect the rate that was recommended by The Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS) in 2017.  Fees must be Paid in Full at the end of each session, as we do not direct bill insurance companies.  At the end of each appointment, we provide you with a receipt marked as PAID which you are able to directly submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please note that we are able to make accommodations for payment schedules, if and when necessary, under special circumstance.

Please note: Due to increased restrictions by a number of insurance companies, we ask you kindly to review your policy to ensure all aspects of your child’s assessment and therapy will be covered, including indirect psychological services including preparation of paperwork/reports.

Outstanding Fees

Our clinic provides you with opportunities to pay outstanding fees via a written notice and telephone calls.  If accounts remain unpaid after a reminder, our accounting office will redirect it to a collection agency after notification has been provided to you.  Your name, home address, dates of psychological services, and amount owing will be released to the collections agency.  Once this process is engaged, we are not able to take fees directly from you to avoid involvement of the collection agency.  Exceptions to the fee structure exist for patients funded through government agencies.



Please note that Dr. Pure has reserved the right to review all patient charts and files in the event that there are issues arising with services rendered.  Chart reviews and audits will be done periodically at the clinic.  If you have any concerns regarding this component of services, please speak to the psychologist with whom you are working to further discuss.

Dr. Pure requests that any issues related to or arising from your clinical services [about which you have concern] be communicated directly with your clinician if you feel comfortable; if not, Dr. Pure requests that you contact the clinic and request direct communication with her regarding any concerns you have.  It is critically important to our clinic that services your child/adolescent and family receives are professional and meet your needs.

All documents provided through the office of Dr. Kiran Pure and Associates Ltd are provided Without Prejudice unless services are specifically requested for court purposes.