All services at this clinic are called Psychological Services.  These include (1) pre-intake assessments which are completed prior to your first appointment  (this includes a 1/2 hour forms fee, and in the case of psychological assessments time the psychologist takes to review collateral information, score questionnaires completed by caregivers/child and/or school team, and review information gleaned from collateral documents and developmental history forms); (2) intake assessment (first clinic appointment); (3) other direct clinical services including therapy sessions, assessment sessions, telephone calls, school meetings and (pre)school observations; and (4) indirect clinical services including letter and report writing, and/or other consultations.

Appointments are scheduled based upon reason for referral and in consultation with Dr. Pure who triages all cases. Dr. Pure assigns your case to herself or to another psychologist in the clinic.  We try to ensure that your child and family is seen by the psychologist who is the best expert to address your clinical needs.


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