All psychologists providing psychological services to patients operate on strict professional and ethical guidelines pertaining to confidentiality. Psychologists have a regulatory body called the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP), which ensures all individuals licensed as psychologists follow ethical and professional guidelines.

With respect to confidentiality, all patient information at this clinic remains on-site in locked cabinets. Psychologists are not permitted to take files home or outside the clinic unless they are attending a meeting.  Also, information is not released unless the patient or his/her legal guardian signs an authorization form (Consent to Release Information Form) for the release of information.

Psychologists are obligated to keep all information confidential.  The principle of confidentiality is void if a psychologist feels that his or her patient is at risk to themselves (for example, suicide is indicated) or others (for example, there is a clear threat of harm to another person), or if a child/adolescent is in need of protection, if abuse is reported, or if subpoenaed by a Court of Law.  In these circumstances, a psychologist is ethically obligated to share relevant information.

Our clinic managers and staff adhere to the same principles of confidentiality and are not permitted to discuss cases or content of patient issues with individuals outside this clinic unless directed to do so by the psychologist and with parental/guardian consent.  Psychologists do not discuss session content with administrative staff at the clinic.



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