Through COVID19 we will be providing psychological services through a tele-health model and in office sessions with increased PPE. This means that we will offer sessions to your family through telephone, Zoom or in person appointments at the Practice.

If you prefer to have your appointments in person, please be advised, due to COVID19, that our clinicians have reduced on site hours, and an in person appointment may take some time to schedule.

  • You will need a mask upon entry and wash your hands (wash and/or use sanitizer).
  • One accompanying adult & one child/sibling will be allowed to attend a session and/or wait in the waiting area.
  • If you/your child have been in contact with anyone outside of the province (INCLUDING AN ESSENTIAL WORKER WHO LIVES IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD)  in the last two weeks, we ask that you please do not come into the Practice.
  • If you/your child or anyone in your household have been at any of the current COVID19 exposure sites, we ask that you please do not come into the Practice.
  • If you have any cold or flu like symptoms in the last two weeks, we ask that you please do not come into the clinic – even if you have tested negative for COVID19

We will have a short checklist to be completed in person when you arrive to the Practice.

updated: February 23, 2021 by Dr. Kiran Pure

At Dr. Kiran Pure and Associates Ltd, we provide a range of psychological services to children, adolescents, and families.  As psychologists, we study how individuals think, feel, and behave from a scientific viewpoint and apply this knowledge to help people understand, explain, and change their behaviour. A psychologist holds a master’s and/or doctoral degree that involves 7 to 13 years of university study and residency/internship on the science and evidence-based practice of psychology*.

As registered psychologists, at our clinic, we help children and families overcome or manage their issues using a variety of treatments and use standardized tests to help with our assessment and diagnosis.  Our goal is to apply our psychological knowledge, skills, and judgment about human behaviour and development to better understand your child’s social, emotional, behavioural, and/or learning needs.  Our goal is to create an understanding of your child and your family that promotes mental health wellness, facilitates learning, reduces parenting stress, and promotes adaptability and functioning.

Pure-logo copyOur clinic logo was developed by Dominique Hurst.  It was designed to represent our perspective of psychology and how we understand child and adolescent behaviour as it relates to brain development and functioning. The logo consists of three gears that represent stages of brain development.  The green gear represents the largest amount of growth that happens between birth and 5 years of age.  A child’s brain begins to develop within a couple of weeks of conception. Neurologists estimate that between 50,000 and 100,000 new brain cells are generated each second between the fifth and twentieth weeks of life. The brain will grow to about 80 percent of the adult size by the 3 years of age  and 90 percent by 5 years of age.   The yellow gear in the logo represents how growth continues to happen but starts to slow down; the red gear represents how brain growth eventually starts to come to a “halt.” As psychologists, we emphasize that early assessment, detection, and intervention are key for child and adolescent issues given the growth that happens in the brain between birth to five years and into adolescence.  All aspects of a child’s neuropsychological functioning including social, emotional, and behavioural functioning is affected by this early growth and development and requires our attention.

*Psychological description adapted from Canadian Psychological Association.