Therapy Services

Our psychologists offer a range of therapy services including individual, family, and group therapy.

child development therapists

Individual Therapy – Preschool children, adolescents, and youth have access to a wide range of therapy services. We offer evidence based treatment approaches to address a number of clinical issues including (but not limited to) anxiety, mood disorders, parenting skills, bullying, separation/divorce, ADHD, social skills challenges, behavior issues, anger management, grief counseling, sleep issues, toileting issues including enuresis and encropresis, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Early Intervention and Prevention – Dr. Pure has a special interest in the early development of children. She specializes in the detection/assessment and treatment of paediatric issues including neurodevelopmental disorders, behavior challenges, anxiety, sensory processing, toileting, sleep, and feeding problems. Dr. Pure offers both assessment and treatment of these issues using simple and effective strategies that are based on methods supported by scientific research.

STUDIOdpi-3798Dr. Pure uses a team based approach to early intervention programs often utilizing the support of other clinicians and professionals (including speech language therapists, occupational therapists, early interventionists), preschool team members, and parents. Together, based on identified areas of challenge, an individualized program plan is developed and implemented with regular monitoring of mastery and generalization of skills.

Family Therapy – Some of our psychologists are trained to provide family therapy services to address complex issues related to your family’s functioning. In these circumstances, our approach is to use sensitive and practical strategies to help foster better understanding of the relationships between family members, and to create better unity and mutual respect for one another.

Parenting Skills -We offer Parenting Support and Counselling for  Challenging Behaviour in Children and Adolescents- At our clinic, we use parent skills training models that are based on positively based behaviour strategies. We help you identify your parenting style and evaluate what strategies are currently working and which ones appear to be ineffective. Our goal is to reduce parenting stress, increase your sense of parenting knowledge and competence, and increase your confidence as a parent. Our hope is to help you develop positively based strategies that teach your child prosocial behaviours and new habits which will allow him or her to be a happy and active citizen of your family. The parenting strategies we offer differ depending on the age and stage of development of your child, but all approaches are evidence based and designed to work effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Pure offers parent skills training in a group context with sessions lasting 8-10 weeks. These group sessions are offered based on need.

Emotional Self-Regulation, Social Skills, and Self Esteem Training – Dr. Pure and her associates offer a number of group therapy sessions throughout the year that focus on social skills training for children. Her All About Me, ClubHouse, and Putting on the Brakes groups help teach children/adolescents practical day to day skills to increase social competency and confidence. Dr. Pure uses her clinical experience and knowledge to develop skills based groups that run for 8-10 weeks. Her model for intervention is based on cognitive – behavioural strategies and she relies heavily on her training and experience using the Social Thinking Curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner (

Executive Functioning and Organizational  Skills Training – Our clinic has recently developed a group to teach children and youth executive functioning and organizational skills. The groups run for 5 weeks and offer practical guidelines to keep organized and on top of things.  Our educational consultants help to co-facilitate this group with Dr. Pure and one of her psychology assistant staff.STUDIOdpi-3903