Therapy Services

Our Practice offers evidence based (EB) therapy services to promote the mental health, social, and behavioural well being of children, adolescents youth, and their families. Emotion focused individual and family therapy (EFT), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and behaviour therapy (BT).

We offer individual therapy, parenting support, and family therapy.

Individual Therapy – Preschool children, adolescents, and youth have access to a wide range of therapy services. We offer evidence based treatment approaches to address a number of clinical issues including (but not limited to) anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, parenting skills, bullying, separation/divorce, ADHD, social skills challenges, behaviour issues, anger management, grief counseling, sleep issues, eating disorders, and toileting issues including enuresis and encopresis,

Parenting Skills – At our Practice, we use parent skills training models that are based on positively based behaviour strategies. We help you identify your parenting style and evaluate what strategies are currently working and which ones appear to be ineffective. Our goal is to reduce parenting stress, increase your sense of parenting knowledge and competence, and increase your confidence as a parent. Our hope is to help you develop positively based strategies that teach your child prosocial behaviours and new habits which will allow him or her to be a happy and active citizen of your family. The parenting strategies we offer differ depending on the age and stage of development of your child, but all approaches are evidence based and designed to work effectively and efficiently.

Family Therapy – Some of our psychologists are trained to provide family therapy services to address complex issues related to your family’s functioning. In these circumstances, our approach is to use sensitive and practical strategies to help foster better understanding of the relationships between family members, and to create better unity and mutual respect for one another.