About Us

Dr. Kiran Pure and Associates Ltd. is a private practice specializing in paediatric psychological health services. Our services include a broad range of diagnostic assessments, treatment, and consultation for children between two to 19 years of age.  Our psychologists provide effective and efficient services that are based on scientific evidence. We use a developmental model to understand the clinical issues presented by children and families, and offer a kind and caring approach to support the unique needs of the patients we serve.

Our clinic has been in operation at this site since 2004.  It is located two blocks up from the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal, and Alderney City Library, and has become an integral part of this rapidly growing HRM community.

Child psychologist Halifax

We have a strong clinical team at Dr. Kiran Pure and Associates Ltd. Each member brings their own and shared clinical interest areas and strengths.  Our clinical team is comprised of three Psychologists including Kiran Pure, Jacqueline Meisner, and Abby Howard-Gosse.  and a clinical therapist, Rachael Mancini.  We have a psychology assistant staff, Sarom Curtis, who provides adjunct psychological support services to our clinicians, and a psychometrist, Mr. Drew Amyot, BSC.   Jennifer Goguen is an Occupational Therapist (OT) who provides OT assessment services and recommendations.

Giselle Abboud – Practice Administrative Manager, provides the foundation to our clinic by running our day to day operations.  Her work allows the clinical team to concentrate their efforts on providing an efficient and streamlined approach to care for your child and family.  Joshua Forbrigger, Intake Coordinator, manages new referrals alongside Dr. Kiran Pure.   Susan Banwait, Office Manager, works from Ontario and helps manage the business side of the Practice.

Our clinic has clear STUDIOdpi-3572professional guidelines of policy and procedures that direct our assessment and treatment services. We work with children and families in Nova Scotia as well as other Atlantic provinces including Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The reputation of our services has extended outside these areas in Canada and abroad.

As a clinical team, each of us utilizes a collaborative model of care where we connect with other clinicians (physicians, paediatricians, psychiatrists, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, therapeutic mentors) and professionals (daycare and preschool groups, school teams, community resource groups) in our community who are involved in the care of the patients we see.  To augment our clinic work, we will conduct home visits and school meetings whenever they are necessary.  We frequently volunteer our time to present to community groups regarding a variety of clinical and developmental issues.