Assessment Services

Child Development Assessment ServicesAll of our psychologists have training and expertise to provide assessments for a range of psychological issues.  Our assessments address mental health issues, family relationship issues,  behavioural challenges, neuropsychological  functioning, developmental concerns, and academic and learning differences.

As psychologists we commonly assess children for attention problems such as Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning differences such as reading or math difficulties, disorders of language and/or coordination difficulties, and executive functioning challenges. Evaluations are often more detailed than simply involving ability assessment and assumptions are made about brain-behavior relationships. Evaluations may also involve  developmental assessments of children aged 2-5 years who appear to be showing a delay in the acquisition of developmental milestones and/or a regression in previously acquired skills.

We provide mental health assessments to evaluate concerns like anxiety, mood disorders, and complex profiles like bipolar or early psychosis.  Additionally, we are able to provide diagnostics for disruptive behaviour disorders.

STUDIOdpi-3655Paediatric or child neuropsychology is a field of study involving the relationship of abilities, behaviours and mental skills (cognitive functions) in children. Clinical, paediatric or child neuropsychology involves the application of this field to diagnostic assessment and clinical treatment of normal and abnormal child developmental, medical, psychiatric, and neurological conditions or problems. This area of psychology shares a knowledge base with other professions. In our clinic, we work with other paediatric specialists in behavioural neurology, developmental paediatrics, paediatric neurology, child psychiatry, paediatricians, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. We value using a collaborative approach with other professionals whenever it is possible and necessary. Since children’s skills go through periods of rapid change, and they are faced with increasing cognitive and academic demands with each passing year, there is often a need to conduct periodic re-assessments.

To guide our assessment, we will collect a comprehensive developmental history and social-emotional and behavioural history, and use this information to interpret all assessment results. Parent interviews and questionnaires are usually necessary, and in many cases school and medical records are reviewed. Teacher ratings are also frequently requested with parent/guardian’s consent.

Results of paediatric developmental or child neuropsychology assessments may be used to assist in diagnosis, to assist with educational placement or remediation, clinical treatment planning, rehabilitation, formulating accommodations, and disability determinations. To help with this process, our psychologists are regularly meeting with other professionals including your child’s school team to discuss results.  We prepare a written document/report that outlines your child’s strengths and challenges, identifies a psycho-diagnostic profile, and outlines clear and practical individualized recommendations.