Hi everyone! Wishing everyone a peaceful day!!!

I want to share something with you…. A few days ago, my very good friend Alice (I call her My Alice) wrote this letter to me. I asked her if I could share it and she said she didn’t mind at all. I think Alice is feeling the same way that many kids are feeling. She sounds a little bored, nervous, annoyed, and a bit lonely. Who can blame her? I have been feeling the same way on some of these days!

What I love about this letter is that Alice was able to share her ideas about how she is doing. How great that she was able to figure out how she is feeling, and then to share this with me?!?!? I love it! I was very impressed because her letter told me exactly what she was thinking and feeling. Thank you very much My Alice!!!

Now, what is a person to do when they feel like this? It can be a little hard to figure out. But I think there are some ideas to share. So, here we go…

Idea One – Have a plan! It’s really important to have a plan for everyday. Your plan can change, of course. That means, you can add ideas to it or take ideas away. It’s your Choice, mostly. You might not be able to take away chores that you are asked to do!! Sorry about that part!!!

So, make a plan that includes things you like to do. I would include things like wake up around the same time everyday, EAT BREAKFAST!!! (even if you don’t feel like it), watch a little TV, give your parent or brother or sister or pet or stuffy a hug, play with your Lego, Paint, Read, make cookies, Eat again… and of course, add a couple of chores!! Sorry again. I know you probably don’t really like the idea of a chore but it’s good to be helpful to your family. It’s called being a good Family Citizen.

If you have a plan, it will make your day go better – it really will. Try it out. Do it for at least 10 days to see if it works for you.

Make a list before you go to bed about what you want to do the next day. The next morning, check out your list and see if it still works for you, and then GO – go ahead and start doing what’s on your list the best you can.

Remember you may not get through your list, but that is OK. Having a list is just about having ideas of things to do. It’s not supposed to create “pressure.” Just relax, and take it step by step, and take your time to enjoy the things on your list (maybe even the chores!!).

Idea Two – So when I feel nervous, I try to find a peaceful place in my mind. I call this “Turtling.” Did you know that turtles go inside their shell to hide when they feel scared or nervous? Then, they come out when they feel safe. I have practiced this trick for a very long time and am really good at Turtling!!! I know you can be as well.

My peaceful place is Peggy’s Cove. Have you ever been there? Oh, my gosh, I just love it. I close my eyes and think about Peggy’s Cove. I use my imagination to create a picture in my mind. I think about walking along the path that takes me to the big rocks. I can always feel a little bit of a breeze, even in the summer, and I LOVE the sound of the waves crashing on the big rocks, and more than that, I LOVE the smell of the ocean. I always sit down on a big rock and look out at the ocean, as far out as I can and am always thankful. This is my peaceful place. When I go into my imaginary turtle shell, this is the place I think about. My imagination is so great that I feel like I am there. I have to tell you that this has taken a lot of practice. A LOT of practice.

When I am in my imaginary turtle shell and thinking about Peggy’s Cove, I take four long deep breathes. I had to practice those as well. I learned how to breathe in slowly for a count of four (I pretend I am smelling a flower), then I hold my breath for a count of four, and finally I breathe out for a count of four (I pretend I am blowing out a candle really slowly). It is really important to breathe in and out, and make sure your belly is moving. Using your imagination to find a peaceful place and your breathing to help you relax is a really good way to practice turtling!!

So, you may need to put this on your list!! Turtling!! What can you think about that would help you relax? I know you can use your imagination to figure that out. Try it!! Don’t forget to practice the belly breathing while you are thinking about your picture!

I hope you like these two ideas!! I will send you a third one tomorrow. Thinking of all of you and hope everyone is able to find peace and quiet, and love those around you!

Love Dr. Pure