Signs & Symptoms of being sleep deprived:

  • More acne than usual
  • Not being able to pay attention (listening, problem-solving)
  • Mood swings
  • Over-eating/not eating healthy
  • Over-worrying, stressed
  • Heightened use of and effects of alcohol
  • Nervous, tense
  • Unhappy, depressed
  • Feeling hopeless about the future

73% – Of teenagers who reported feeling sad, unhappy or depressed also reported not getting enough sleep or feel excessively sleepy over the course of the day (National Sleep Foundation Poll, 2006).

58% – Of respondents in the same poll were likely to say they over-worried.

64% – Of teenagers reported cutting back on the hours they slept to complete work that needed to be done (Statistics Canada General Social Survey, 2005)

According to the National Sleep Foundation, Teens should be getting at least 8.5 – 9.25 hours of sleep every night in order for their brain & body development to be maintained.

Factors Related to being sleep-deprived:

  • Increased use of social media devices
  • Limited concentration span (Forgetfulness)
  • Lower Academic Performance
  • Anxiety, Depression, General Irritability
  • Eating disorders (e.g. Binge-eating)
  • Sleep Disorders (e.g. Insomnia; Bruxism {clenching/grinding of teeth}; Sleep Apnea)
  • Family Stress and Violence

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