paediatric psychology brochures halifax

This past summer, Dr. Pure spent a lot of time working on a project. With the help of Zoe Duranceau, psychology assistant at the clinic, Dr. Pure prepared a number of brochures related to paediatric psychology. So far, we have created three brochures on the topics of child/teen/youth anxiety, depression, nonsuicidal self-harm (NSSH).

The titles of the brochures are Talking About…[name of the topic].

We have a series of ten brochures Dr. Pure hopes to complete by the Summer 2017. Some other topics include Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind (related to relationship of good physical health and mental health), parenting tips for preschool and school aged children, grief, and bullying.

We are currently working on a Learning Disabilities brochure as October is Learning Disabilities month.

These brochures have been prepared in response to requests from a variety of parents and professionals who have attended workshops and community presentations our clinic has done over the past decade.

Dr. Pure thought it would be a simple way to share basic information regarding psychology topics and to provide a list of resources (books, APPS) that parents, professionals, and the children/youth can use or access.

As we all know, 1 in 5 youth (and almost 1 in 4 is the most recent stat) have mental health concerns and access to public or private mental health/ psychological care is limited. Dr. Pure believes having and sharing this type of information on a few resources in the interim can be helpful.

If there are any topics you believe would be valuable in a brochure, please let us know!