We have a mental health crisis in our province

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HalifaxToday.ca – Psychologist wants to see children back in the classroom this fall

A child psychologist in Dartmouth says the combination of social isolation, and a lack of control caused by the pandemic has been damaging to children’s mental health. Dr. Kiran Pure says she would like to see students return to school this fall in some sort of capacity to provide them with a sense of normalcy. […]

Psychologist warns of mental health costs of keeping kids out of school

Click here to read the full article As the province decides on a back-to-school plan for the fall, health experts are warning of the mental health risks of keeping kids out of the classroom. Without the routine and social connection that school brings, many kids and teens have reported feeling sad, stressed and anxious since the […]

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As promised yesterday, I am writing to give you another IDEA. An idea that helps make your worries shrink! So, here it is: Idea 3. When we become nervous, our body gets ready for some form of physical action, often called the “FLIGHT-FIGHT” reaction. So this means you are going to DO something to deal […]

The Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS) presents Psychology Talks 2020

APNS is pleased to announce its free public information sessions to celebrate Psychology Month. The Poster lists all the events by date. We are kicking off Psychology Month 2020 with a screening of the film A Beautiful Mind at the Halifax Central Library, O’Regan Hall on Sunday, February 2 at 1 pm. Admission is free. […]

February – Psychology Month

Your Mental Health… What? When? Where? And Why? What can a psychologist teach you about your mental health? Let’s talk about some facts you should know about your mental health. When should you seek professional help for your mental health issues? And Where should you go? Where can you find someone who will listen and […]

CBC Radio One Information Morning NS Interview with Dr. Pure

“13 Reasons Why” has started a conversation about our youth that is very difficult. However, the conversation is prudent. – Dr. Pure “Child psychologist Kiran Pure says scores of her teen clients have watched the show and tell her it has relevance for them.” Listen to Dr. Pure’s interview with Jerry West here Read the article […]


As our children head into another academic year this week, there are a lot of things to think about.  Much of the academic year can bring about wonderful learning and social experiences.  Teachers can provide a big source of support and mentoring to children and teens.  And many friendships can blossom.  Just as there are […]

It’s Psychology Month

February is Psychology month – a chance for people across the country to become more aware of the field of psychology and the role psychologists play in the community. And what better time to actively keep the conversation going. The #LetsTalk campaign last week has mental health top of mind and with Christmas over a month behind […]

Physical Activity

Physical activity plays an essential role to the physical and mental well being of today’s youth. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines physical activity as: “…any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.” Anabolic steroids may be defined as “…drugs that have similar effects on the body as male sex hormones.” (KHP, […]