Anna Plaskett – Heartsparks Music Therapy

Anna Plaskett, BMus, MTA is the owner of Heartsparks Music Therapy. Anna holds a bachelors degree in music performance from Michigan State University (2001), a Certificate of Music Therapy from Acadia University (2004), and is an accredited member of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy. She is Vice President of the Atlantic Association for Music Therapy.

Anna specializes in working with youth at risk and individuals with special needs (including those with cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delay). She currently provides services at Wee Care Developmental Centre, HomeBridge Youth Society, and Regional Residential Services Society. She also has worked with elderly populations, including individuals with dementia and those recovering from stroke. In her practice, Anna places a special focus on developing each individual’s unique potential through creative self-expression, integrating music, art and movement. Anna also sings and plays french horn with ‘Ruth Minnikin and her Bandwagon’ and has been a guest artist on numerous recordings made in Halifax.

Anna Plaskett MTA
Music Therapist
Heartsparks Music Therapy